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Patient Testimonials and Reviews

‘He is a wonderful doctor. He will put you at ease.’

‘He really listens and keeps you updated.’

‘I would wait all day to see him.’

‘He was the first doctor who told me what was going on.’

‘He’ll answer any question you have, however silly or small.’

‘…we really appreciated everything you did and for all your help and support. Without you, we wouldn’t have had ‘A’ for as long as we did. He always admired, respected and believed in you. My family and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us.’

‘Never had anyone who communicates as brilliantly as him.’

‘You are a brilliant, caring, and compassionate doctor.’

‘Just a word of sincere thanks, for your attentive care and treatment for me during my colonoscopy examination yesterday. This helped me a great deal.’

‘Thank you so much for you care, support and expert knowledge. I feel so lucky to have you as my physician.’

‘Thank you for understanding my anxiety and ensuring the procedure was endurable. I now no longer dread the next one.’

‘Dr Khan has turned my life around, he is so easy to talk to, about your personal ailments and makes you feel like you’re his only patient.’

‘I would also like to thank Dr Mohid Khan for is exceptional care and for going that extra mile.’

‘One of the best. Very thorough.’

‘I just wanted to thank you both for organising and performing my colonoscopy recently.’

‘I appreciated your patience in answering my questions and explaining things so clearly.’

‘…to say thank you for the other day. I can’t say it was a particularly pleasant experience, but you made it as good as such an investigation could be!’

‘He is so caring, and explains everything, and tells you how it is.’

‘Thank you for being you, a wonderful, caring, human being, and an amazing doctor.’

‘Instantly see patients relax following your reassurance and thorough consultations.’

‘This doctor is a very compassionate man. He is very knowledgeable and has changed my life with regard to my cancer treatment.’

‘Puts his heart and soul into everything.’

‘Dr khan gave a brilliant appointment and took the time to fully explain what was happening and what to expect going forward. He made ____  and our relatives feel at ease and made us feel better about the situation. He's been the best person we have seen throughout this process and we really appreciate the caring approach he took to the situation and the time he took to explain and help us understand what is happening.’

‘I had a wide ranging and thorough discussion about my condition and it's management. Mr Khan was informative and re-assuring in an unhurried manner and what an excellent disposition. All round this was an excellent and reassuring consultation for which I am very grateful. Thank you.’

‘Easy to talk to. Listened to what i had to say - no rush - an (almost) enjoyable experience. I look forward to seeing him in the future.’

‘This doctor has revolutionised my treatment & quality of life. He is highly skilled & knowledgeable about my uncommon cancer & is also a highly skilled communicator.’

‘The doctor was patient, clear in everything he explained. Listened to any queries, responded and checked our understanding. Left with a clear plan and confidence to go forward with proposed treatment. Many thanks.’

‘The doctor made me feel at ease and answered all my questions regarding my operation & recovery. I was also given details should I need to contact the doctor about any concerns. I feel very satisfied with the doctors manner and approachability.’

‘Very thorough, approachable and professional. He was clear and took the time to explain. He made sure that we understood what he was saying, and I appreciated the honesty.’

‘First class thankyou.’

‘I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and the team for your ongoing support, advice and help with our cancer patients’


‘My aunt was very reassured after your phone call last week… Many thanks again for your kind assistance. We really do appreciate all your help and support.’


‘Like to thank you … offered such help which she was initially hesitant to accept.  I feel you gave her such support and I know she had great admiration for your professional advice and caring approach. I am sure other patients feel the same way.’


‘ aware of the incredible changes you have made in many patients lives.’


‘Clinic appointment was very thorough, really pleased, it was really good.’

‘Dr Khan was very open.’


‘I feel much happier now I’m under Dr Khan’s care’

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